Carroll Freedom Players

Talent Show Do you have what it takes

Carroll Drama Club and the Muse Machine host an Annual talent show every year that is open to every high school student to show off his or her hidden skill. Each performance is judged by a panel in an American Idol style for a 150 dollar grand prize. The judges grade on:
Talent: A judgment on the performer(s) talent and ability to perform.
Creativity/Originality: A judgment based on the creativity and originality of the performer(s). For example did the performers have creative dance moves? Is the work Original?
Entertainment: This judgment is not based solely on the final applause after the performance, Rather, it is judged based on the ability of the contestant to draw the audience into the performance, eliciting a positive response.
Stage Presence: A judgment on the performer(s) attitude, including their personality, confidence, their eye contact with the audience and professionalism (their reaction to mistakes, giggling during the performance, etc.) Also a judgment on their overall appearance and display.
Date: Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 7 pm