Carroll Freedom Players


1960-1970 Carroll High School Drama

Performances in the 1960s and 1970s included the following:

January 25, 1964: two one-act plays presented by the freshmen; Little Women directed by Mrs. Arthur Stucke and The King Who Couldn't Be Fooled by a student director

April 4-5, 1964: three-act play, Murder in a Nunnery, presented by sophomores and juniors and directed by Mrs. Arthur Stucke

April 24-25, 1965: The Thread that Runs so True

May 1966: I Remember Mama

November 19-20, 1966: modern three-act comedy by Helen Doss called The Family Nobody Wanted; directed by Mrs. Stucke

March 9-10, 1967: senior class presented The '67 Circus: a Variety Show

April 8-9, 1967: melodrama entitled Gold in the Hills

March 8-9, 1968: Best Year Yet, annual senior variety show

Fall 1968: Jane Eyre, directed by Mrs. Art Stucke

April 12-13, 1969: The Miracle Worker, directed by Mrs. Art Stucke

Photo Gallery 1960-1970 in the Carroll High School Drama Club