Carroll Freedom Players


1966 Carroll High School Drama

According to the October 1966 Carroll Torch, the drama members turned to carpentry during the summer. Although June meant the end of work for most clubs it was only the beginning for the Carroll Players.

During the summer they began a three-year project: the largest club addition ever made to Carroll. Cabinets, which will house approximately 400 costumes, were installed and finished. Mrs. Stucke estimated that the repair and cataloguing of the costumes will take another two or three years. Without Fr. Ries encouragement, Mrs. Stucke related, this project would never have gotten off the ground. These cabinets should last as long as the school. The students who dedicated their summer to this dramatics club project were Mary Jo Wellmeier, Sherry Kostick, Jack Glaser, and Cathy Stucke. Mr. Stucke who made the plans for the cabinets, did most of the hard labor.