Carroll Freedom Players


1970-1977 Carroll High School Drama

Performances in the 1960s and 1970s included the following:

April 25-26, May 2-3, 1970: senior class performed the first Carroll musical, My Fair Lady, co-directed by Sr. Bernice Janszen, former drama director for Regina High School of Cincinnati and Sr. Judith, head of Carroll?s music department

December 15, 1970: Dust of the Road, directed by Mrs. Roger Stucke

May 8-9, 15-16, 1971: senior musical, Showboat, directed by Sr. Bernice Janszen, C.PP.S., Rev. Ellis Harsham, Sr. Susan Eifert, David Luzio, Sr. Kathleen Madden, Sr. Bernice Langenkamp, and Mr. and Mrs. Stucke

March 26-28, 1971: Our Hearts were Young and Gay, directed by Mrs. Arthur Stucke

May 1971: 2nd semester production for the Theater Arts I class, Lisa and David, taught by Tom Clark

December 11-12, 1971: A Christmas Carol, directed by Tom Clark April 1972: Up the Down Staircase, directed by Tom Clark and Sr. Mary Alice Stein

May 6-7, 13-14, 1972: senior musical, Carousel, directed by Fr. Ellis Harsham and David Luzio

May 1972: The Odd Couple, directed by Tom Clark and Sr. Mary Alice Stein

November 17-18, 1972: Cheaper by the Dozen, directed by Brian Czaplicki

December 15, 1972: The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, directed by Tom Clark

January 26, February 2, 4, 1973: Wizard of Oz, directed by Sr. Mary Alice Stein, Tom Clark, Cheryl Charles, David Luzio, and Jack Glaser

1973: Harvey

May 5-6, 12-13, 1973: senior musical, Brigadoon, directed by Fr. Ellis Harsham, Dave Luzio, and Ann Richardson

November 15-16, 1974: Night Must Fall

1975: Flowers for Algernon and M*A*S*H

May 2-3, 1975: senior play, The Mouse that Roared, directed by Marilyn Hall

December 18-19, 1976: The Crucible, directed by Marilyn Hall

Spring 1977: musical cancelled because of gas shortage; Carroll was closed for two weeks Jan. 31-Feb. 14

Photo Gallery 1970-1977 In the Carroll High School Drama Club